While growing up in North Kolkata, Tagore’s ancestral house was just five minutes away from my place, so I couldn’t help myself from not visiting the history of Tagores. Exhibiting through the most peaceful place has enchanted me like glorified learning, it prominently exchanged true piece of enhancement, the house has been restored and maintained well. The mesmerising feels through the sprawling rooms, corridors remind the day of Tagore’s childhood and possibly the evolution days of becoming a poet. While walking through the corridors, one can feel that Rabindranath Tagore walked through the same corridors long back, some can feel the presence of being through history. A visit to Jorasanko Thakur Bari is always an exhilarating experience, revisiting the golden memories, this enormous house and the ambience of the magical moments is always a winner. And whenever it comes to artistry, Tagore’s family has always been an eminent factor in the world of art and culture. Most of the members of this family have been wonderful painters and their creative thoughts were ahead of their time. Whether it be Abanindranath Tagore, Gaganendranath Tagore or Rabindranath Tagore himself, they have crated some mesmerising arts back then. While roaming around the painting gallery of Jorasanko Thakurbari, it will take you down through the memory lane back in their glorious days. I must say this museum is very well curated, it consists of some of the most valuable paintings from Tagore era like Gaganendranath Tagre’s paintings and Abanindranath’s utility items which include an esraj, an easel and his colour palatte. Apart from this, Bichitra Bhavan represents a vast collection of paintings from Indian, western and Anglo-Indian styles and it also feature some of the most popular genre of Bengal paintings. This museum also displays a variety of creative sculptures and crafts from the past. The end part of the house soulfully represents valuable paintings and replicas from Tagore’s ties with China, Japan, USA and Russia. If you are an aesthete, you should surely visit this well-curated gallery once and I am quite sure that you will just love it. The glories from the past, the aristocracy this place beholds will truly enchant everyone.

Joyita Basak

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