The cosmopolitan city of Kolkata is a distinctive centre of historical lineage and cultural heritage. A walk through the cultural heritage of the city is always worth remembering. The stunning monuments in the city were established during British stay in the country, they all are rich in culture and they represent the glorious heritage of the city.
Amidst all the heritage of Kolkata, the one that has become the emblem of the city is the magnificent Victoria Memorial. The Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria back in the ’90s and now it has become one of the must-visit in the city. The grand monumental architecture as well as its collection of art and paintings has been beautiful all through.
The Victoria Memorial revolves around storing 29,000 artifacts out of which 4,000 are just paintings! So, possibly it’s one of the most well-curated painting museums in the city which portrays artistry through each of the paintings lying.
The museum has 25 galleries, such as the Royal Gallery, the Queens Hall Gallery, the Sculpture Gallery, the Arms and Armory Gallery, and the Calcutta Gallery. Queens Hall Gallery contains Queen Victoria’s personal belongings like her chair, writing desk, and even her piano. Royal Gallery will give a brief about the lifestyle of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
The artistry of the museum is beautifully portrayed through the gallery. Its a must-visit when you are in the city.

Joyita Basak

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