Being an artist since childhood, I have always evolved a prosperous view to appreciate art and its solidarity. I have always visited so many art museums around Kolkata but this one is very special to my heart. I visited ‘Ghare Baire’ Art Museum last month which is situated at Dalhousie Square in Old Currecny building and it portrays few rare artworks from the era of 18th century
.Ghare Baire the name articulates the beauty and artistry of collection of Bengali art, famous artists and a variety of themes covering from well-known period like Bengali Renaissance and movements during British Raj. Organized and curated by DAG in collaboration with NGMA, Delhi, this art museum has engaging and enthralling recollection of diverse forms of art. From Kalighat Patachitra to Ramkinkar Baij’s magnificent sculptures,from Nandalal Bose to A.P. Bagchi, from Abanindranath Tagore to D.P. Roychowdhury the museum showcases wonderful and exceptional handiwork by some prominent and celebrated artists from the golden era in the past.
If you are a true fan of art, fond of Kolkata and its golden culture, you must have a visit to the museum to feel the authenticity it beholds. It starts with few ancient paintings of old Calcutta and through the time it shows the magical change in the beauty of this city of joy. Kolkata has always been the cultural capital of India, so the amount of nostalgic and grand elaboration it contemplates through years and years now is the main attraction of this place.
No doubt, ‘Ghare Baire’ art museum is one of the significant addition to the artistry of Kolkata, it will surely enrich the prospect of any aesthete throughout the world.
Here are few notable creations of few renowned artists from the museum.

Kilkata The Ramp
Satyajit Ray clicked by Nimai Ghosh
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