Mahmood Ahmad has given woman power a new orientation through his recent artworks, choreographed in black and white images
Mahmood Ahmad, a graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University, is among India’s sought-after painter with exhibitions across art capitals around the world, such as the Dubai Art Fair, the First International Kala Mela by Lalit Kala Akademi, the Khajuraho International Art Fair, the India Art Festival, among others. His solo shows have graced prominent art platforms, such as the Art Hub in UAE, the Bandra –Kurla Complex in the Mumbai Fair, as also Lokayata Art Gallery and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. A participant in several group shows nationally and internationally, this art creator has also been bestowed the Gold Medal at the Travancore Art Galleries, the MF Husain Certificate of Merit by the Heart Care Foundation of India and the All-India Art Exhibition by Agnipath.
Once a painter whose signature works were in vibrant acrylic formats, currently he stuns his viewers with his drawings output where the female figure centralises his art making. Depicted front face, he has given them a fairy-tale coverage, with floating forms as messengers of glad tidings. Elsewhere, framed in a mirror she is the principal onlooker, where her dominant face dwarfs the solar and lunar universe surroundings both spatially and philosophically. In others, her dominating presence, is shown as a conglomerate of three feminine forms cleverly juxtaposed into a frame where the lines of geometry are stylistically composed backdrops. The architectural details of yet another work are deliberately played down by an enlarged feminine face with a toy-like dome in the backdrop. All these reference points of femininity establish that woman power which is effeminate on the outside, is powerful and grounded within.
The artist works in Delhi but travels widely to art platforms worldwide.

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