Sonjaye Maurya is an eminent Indian artist with international recognition.
A painter with a difference, his works have a mysterious quality… a magical touch that makes them stand apart from the works of other contemporary artists. Everything that he paints has a deep meaning and message . May it be Buddha or even if he is painting fishes or a landscape. His works are many a times a transformation from realistic to abstract and vice versa.
Sonjaye Maurya deals with artistic perceptions about the human feelings and the different realms of life. His works explore the artistic transition from traditional to modern in vibrant colour palettes. His paintings reflect on fantasies and dreams. According to him, a painting is a dream that you see on an empty canvas.
His works are a result of vast experimentation with medium, style and techniques, and in-depth study of the subject. Many of his works are neither realistic representation nor abstract. They can’t be categorized to any specific school of art.
His painting explores these nuances of existence and brings forth the joys, perplexities, beliefs, realities of life in a manner that provoke viewer’s thinking. They reflect an inspired appreciation of the different aspects of life and hence He uses versatility in every creation through diversified themes, colours, ideas, stylization that suits the concept and subject.
He states, “Pursuing art is an enriching and a fulfilling experience as it allows to unite the elements of art, nature, artist and the viewer. It has led to self-realization and to the very core of my existance.”

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