The sensual feminine form is the focus of the sharp eye of artist Nawal Kishore in his latest series of works, dealing with the microcosm of a womanly world. Using colour with great sophistication and bringing out the essential character of his subject, he transforms the works into vibrant statements through his strong colours. The stances of his figures, always portrayed in singles, are created with care so that the underlying mood of the form is presented like a narrative unfolding on the space.
Besides giving importance to his feminine forms, the artist has included a subtle suggestiveness through his use of a mask, held away from the main face, like a dislocated form, which deliberately draws attention to itself.
Adding coherence to the works is the hint of cubism that the artist introduces in the headgear of his forms. An elegant peaked effect used as a covering makes the works into stylized portraits even as their languorous postures suggest an ease of movement quite in contrast to the sharp angularity.
Presently working on ‘Life Series’, artist has tried to offer a spiritual experience for the viewer.

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