As a child, an artist, painter and printmaker, Subhash Shorey has always been impressed by the mysterious beauty and texture of stones. They appeared to him as interesting and charming, self-textured by natural processing and easily available on this beautiful earth, whose texture and beauty cannot be replaced by any other form. In his opinion, they are uneven in a natural way and have variety in colours, textures and styles like humans, are a symbol of strength.
The artist still remembers the taste of sand covering stones, collection of beautiful small soft, rough and varied colours and forms. It might be the reason that nowadays stones have become a part of his creative journey. He was not aware of how and when the collection reached near about five quintal stones and the brushes loaded with colours which were dancing on paper and canvas began dancing on stones. This experience could not be explained in words, it was a part of representation of his love for nature. It was an attraction towards stones like leaves, clouds, mountains, trees and sea which resulted in forms expressing his inner self over the last three decades.
Perhaps, he acted again like a child and got trapped in their mysterious beauty because having started to collect stones, wash them, paint them in various colours and play with them by arranging in geometrical shapes. Stones are silent like a statue of God and Buddha, they explore and spread a message of silence which is the ultimate truth of the human nervous system to obtain energy and satisfaction as expressed by Shorey.
”Pather Ke Sanam”, “Pather Dil Insaan”, “Raaste Ka Pather”, “Eeent Ka Jabab Pather”, “Pather Jameya” these are the words which have been echoing in Subhash’s ears since his younger days, listened to and read them in books. Stones are not aware that human have been correlating them with these unhealthy words. But stone are loaded with mysterious beauty. They have their own beauty, form, colour, texture, size, weight, hardness and importance like human being.
Narrating his views he says, “Sometimes stones are considered hard, problematic, and converted as weapons of war and this represents the human tendency that humans are hard, cruel and capable of creating violence in the society but also stones are helping humans in their progress and development since life appeared on this beautiful planet. But humans and rulers used stones as a weapon to attack people of other regions”.
In his words, all rulers are trying to make themselves more powerful or supreme power by creating mass weapons of destruction in the name of scientific inventions and protection. And these weapons have been used by countries and other elements from several years and first and second world war happened. Nowadays we have more dangerous weapons to destroy the world only by pressing a button or giving a command on particular destination, it will happen even if there are a lot of efforts being made to stop third war, a country or countries will attack on other country with surface to surface missile, surface to space missile, Bomb. Atom bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Nuclear Bomb or Chemical Bomb to start the Third World War and our beautiful planet and humanity will be destroyed.
After destruction the world will rise again to establish life with and there will be no latest technology of mass destruction. It doesn’t mean that there will be no weapons and war. That time humans will engage in war, human will use stones as weapons of war and the mysterious beauty of stones will be converted into dangerous application.
Stones are present, past, future easily available weapons of war. He is against the war which only damages and destroys human sensitivity towards what beauty of life offers us.

Akshi Shorey

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