Sushma Rishi is a self-taught artist who completed her education from Welham Girls High School Dehradun and later graduated from Lady Shriram College. She is the youngest among her 6 siblings and hails from a rural backdrop of Gopiganj, Varanasi. Her late father was a veteran Congress Union Minister, and she has stayed in Delhi all along. She was brought up with a strong belief in family tradition which reflects strongly in her work, even today.  

She did a course in Commercial Art which prompted her into painting and thus began her career with a series of Ganesha Exhibitions which were well received, acclaimed and sold out in various parts of the country and abroad. There was a time when anyone who thought of getting a Ganesha painting, Sushma Rishi came to their mind.

Over the years she has evolved as an abstract artist focusing on the beauty and marvels of the Universe and her work talks about the interconnectedness of life. Her paintings are usually in acrylics or mixed media with Impasto work on them. Another close subject to her heart is Women! Her paintings showcase happy women in vibrant colours, which is absolutely breathtaking.

She has held many exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, the UK and India some of which had been inaugurated by then Culture Minister Vasant Sathe and late Sheila Dikshit.

She has had much media acclaim about her paintings & artwork whether in print or the television medium.

Sushma Rishi ‘It’s Fun Tog’ Acrylic on Canvas 120×120 cm
Sushma Rishi ‘Interdependent Cosmos’ Acrylic on Canvas 122×91 cm
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