Ganesh Kumar Sharma

Nationally and Internationally known sculptor, Ganesh Kumar Sharma has been working for the last 43 years.
He is recipient of several awards including a National Award 1998 from the then Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
He has been regularly participating in numerous art exhibitions and has held 23 solo shows in different parts of the country.
From the moment, Ganesh encounters an amorphous and uneven piece of stone or wood, it becomes a source of visual stimuli for him. What follows then is the process of discerning the hidden and embedded sculptural form in the materials and bringing it to light by bare minimum and maximum efforts, by directly carving with the help of stone cutting machines and chisels. In the experienced hands of a Sculptor like Ganesh, how the stone cutting machine becomes a modelling tool is best seen in the delicate movement of lines and highly polished and finished surface of his sculptures.

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