The Durjay Bangladesh Foundation (DBF) has launched an online exhibition titled ‘Future of Hope’ Creative Transmission During Pandemic,’ (available to view on DBF’s website, and The exhibition has a truly global outlay as the nine Bangladeshi artist-participants are located across different time zones, distances and schedules in different parts of the world and with differing styles and mediums, that range from performance video, to drawing, painting and textile art. The common link running through the works is the artists’ deep concern with the challenges raised by the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to inspire a sense of hope for the future ahead.
The above theme has been portrayed in the works of Bipasha Hayat (New York, USA), Hlubaishu Chowdhuri (Khagrachari, Bangladesh), Imtiaj Shohag (Paris, France), Joy Deb Roaja (Khagrachari, Bangladesh), Kamrun Samadi (Vancouver, Canada), Mong Mong Sho (Kunming, China), MD Tokon (New York, USA), Sujan Chowdhury (Vancouver, Canada) and Zakir Us Salam (Tokyo, Japan)
Speaking at the exhibition’s launch, Durjoy Rahman commented ‘We hope that audiences will also experience the powerful sense of hope in these works and embolden them to engage and reimagine a more positive future.’

Subhra Mazumdar

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