1) Characterised by geometric patterns and symbolic imageries, practised mostly as the wall murals in Mithila region of Bihar. The paintings depict various cultural and traditional aspects in bright earthy colours in a simple yet captivating manner (9)
2) Colourful and lively paintings developed by a tribe in Madhya Pradesh, illustrating nature and surroundings, some mythological tales and folklores, rituals and traditions with great detailing and mainly represented by a series of intricately arranged dots & lines (4)
3) Originally from the Western Ghats of India, this is one of the oldest art forms of India. It uses geometrical patterns in white against a dark background to depict everyday life. A human is shown by a circle and two triangles (5)
4) A disciplined art form from Odisha, done on canvas, characterized by rich colourful appeal, ingenious themes & designs and depicting mostly mythological subjects. The colours are generally used in a single tone (11)

5-A traditional art form of Andhra Pradesh that descends through generations. It derives its name from a pen where free flowing art on fabric is done with a pen. It’s an organic art, also done in hand and block printing, where earthy colours are used to paint floral designs, animal figures and other motifs (9)
6 – Panel paintings, originated in Tamil Nadu, are done on wooden planks with Hindu Gods and Goddesses as the main theme of the composition. The paintings are strikingly recognized by its gold leaf work that adds sparkle and splendour to the paintings. These also employ precious and semi-precious stones presenting a magnificent visual delight (9)
7 – A religious form of scroll painting from Rajasthan, which depicts a narration of the lives and epics of folk deities and heroes on long canvas or cloth scrolls using vegetable colours (4)
8 – The colourful and obscure art form belonging to the royal state of Rajasthan, originated as backdrops to the main deity in Krishna temple at Nathdwara. It literally means ‘at the back’. These are intricately done on the hand spun cloths with rich dark colours (8)

9 – Paintings characterized by their diminutive size but fine detailing, intricacy and elegance, originated in the Mughal era and now customary popular in Rajasthan (9)

10 – Named after its place of origin in Kolkata, this painting style depicts everyday life and Gods and Goddesses, and some aspects of the society. The art is characterised by free-flowing outlines, flawless strokes, swift brushwork, made in simple yet valiant flair (8)

Answers :
7 – PHAD
2 – GOND

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