What goes on in our mind takes shape on canvases and can open up a vista of avenues of creativity. The meaning coded by an Abstractionist in his/ her art works is decoded by viewers and thereby an exhilarating realm of space is created through the plethora of art.
Devabrat Mahanta is an internationally recognised artist in the field of abstract painting.
Devabrat Mahanta hails from Assam, and is a poet in vernacular language- Assamese.
He is an Assistant Professor in English and keeps himself engrossed in the world of painting.
His striking imagination is vivified on canvas like poetry in words. . Devabrat Mahanta depicts his varied experiences- joyous , sufferings and depression in colours chiefly through abstract paintings both in figurative and non-figurative style. The restless world around him full of anxiety, death and desolation is portrayed in abstract forms offering liberty to art lovers to know the inner mind set in a cohesive way through the untitled art works. He converses with his art lovers through abstract paintings in silence and establishes a meaningful rapport. He has taken part in group exhibitions in the countries like Hungary, Myanmar, Ukrain, Italy and SriLanka where he was awarded for abstract painting in 2019.
On these pages you will find his following works- In his painting titled Dwaraka- the Lost City- he depicts the lost city of Dwaraka retrieved under the Sea in debris wherein the Sudarshan Chakra of Sri Krishna is portrayed amidst water in abstract form. Another painting titled- Landscape- depicts the natural environment of a dense
forest in abstraction. In his painting titled- The Dark Sky and the Red Soil- a non-figurative abstract painting- he depicts the violent situations taking place within the country and the globe that paralyses the psyche of peace-loving people. Apart from these, he draws some untitled paintings and he comments- ‘The paintings remain untitled because the more I avoid defining shapes, the more freedom I have to let my viewers interpret my world the way they like.’

Dipmani Das

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