It is indeed a matter of pride for the entire artist community when an artist of repute is honoured by a recognized institution. Roop Chand, now in his eighties, who has devoted his entire life to art, his students and community was awarded by the World University of Design on 10th January. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Gupta presented the award at the artist’s studio-Art Centre, Gurgaon.
Mr. Qazi M. Raghib – Art Director & Art Critic, was also there who has been a huge support to the artists and art activities.
World University of Design, established in 2018 is India’s progressive university dedicated to education and creative domains.
The ceremony was attended by four generations of renowned visual artists including Mrs. Goldy Malhotra (former Principal, Modern school / Artist), Professor Savarkar (HOD Applied Arts, College of Arts, Delhi) and many established artists of Haryana.
In a vote of thanks Goldy Malhotra emphasised the need of Art integration in every subject at school level to sensitise the young generation and learn to appreciate art. Neeraj Sharma, a renowned photographer, organised the entire event.Ro

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