Volume 2 Issue 1

Without dampening their spirits, ready to face any situation and work ceaselessly, the artists have been fighting fit. The virtual shows, conferences and workshops have given another angle to today’s showbiz. ‘Art Observer’ has interacted with many artists, art-teachers, writers and students who are working hard to overcome all the hurdles and keep the flag of creativity high.
It was a matter of great pride for all the artists and well wishers of Roop Chand to attend an informal award giving ceremony at the National Art Centre, Gurgaon when the senior artist was personally awarded by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Vice Chancellor of World University of Design.
An article on Victoria Memorial will take you along to witness the heritage of our country. Such masterpieces of the past always make us proud and throw light on the dedication of creators.
Professor D. S. Kapoor’s detailed information on the prestigious institutions of design can help many aspiring students to find their track. His information on Art Colleges, provided in the July issue was highly commended. We Hope this article proves to be equally helpful if not more.
Artists’ imagination can take any direction and why not! Yes, using coffee as a medium for painting and painting wet fabrics to add to the value and style of fashion are two interesting features covered in this issue.
The gallery-hopping to cover the shows has been a regular ritual for us and we have done full justice to the shows this time as well. Crossword on Art by Pooja Gupta is a brain tickler and adds to the knowledge of many.
Enjoy reading this issue. Wishing you all easier and safer times ahead.
Goldy Malhotra