Volume 1 Issue 7

COVID 19 has put everything out of gear and what was never imagined before has appeared in front of us as a giant. Artist community has not been spared. Artists being super-sensitive, having bare nerves deal with life in their own unique manner. This issue of Art Observer has covered that largely. ‘Art is Life’ shares viewing experience of many galleries and collaboration with museums overseas bringing eminent personalities in forefront.
Rajesh Sarovar, a Kerala based artist has studied the human struggle for existence in his own larger than life display infused with colours. An article on his work is a story of artist’s journey as well.
We share with you how the works of nine Bangladeshi artists launched by The Durjay Bangladesh Foundation have not only gone global but also share role of the art in dispelling the fear and anxiety in uncertain times.
Art Observer has displayed the unique embroideries of Anuradha Bhaumik as well as the classical art of Tanjore painting with all the details on themes and techniques.
Michelle Poonawala’s show at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai was the first post COVID exhibition covered by Subhra Majumdar in this issue. Both online and physical visit have added importance to the show that highlights the sculptural element in artist’s work.
We have already covered the visual and performing arts in our previous issues. Architecture can not be left out being a most important amalgamation of all arts resting on strong foundation of Science and Mathematics. ‘In Conversation with the Progressive Architect’, we have covered the achievements of an eminent, internationally acclaimed and most humble architect-Dikshu Kukreja.
Collage-making is an art based on different kind of thought process that emphasises putting bits and pieces in order to create something, a very therapeutic aesthetic endeavour indeed ! Alka Chadha Harpalani’s article gives details of such efforts put in by some artists during the lockdown.
Wish you all better time in the coming year. Hope to see the art activity soaring high with happiness around.