Volume 1 Issue 6

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a rethinking of our work schedules. The uncertainty of things happening has added to the panic that is making it difficult to lead a normal life. An artist already known to be super sensitive needs to save his raw nerves more cautiously. No wonder most of the artists are diverting all their energy to creativity. We are receiving the pictures of amazingly wonderful works done by artists from different parts of India. Understanding well that it is not possible to exhibit the works in galleries in such difficult days, we at Art Observer believe in giving full moral support to the artists to keep them going. For many it has become almost therapeutic and we appreciate the outpour that is honest, brilliant and vibrant. Art works of some artists are full of expression and style of execution. Falguni without being symbolic or philosophical, has dealt with the contemporary theme very directly that is as good as recording in a diary. Readers are sure to enjoy the diversity of styles in all these works by the artists.
Dr D S Kapoor, an eminent artist and educationist has very laboriously guided the young generation to understand the prospects of fields related to Arts. He has not only given the history of prestigious Art institutions but also dealt with the details of curriculum offered to the students. Many will be able to get the answers to questions resting in their heads.
Indian culture boasts of its Folk Arts and crafts. The articles on Kalamkari and Mithila painting show the diversity in our rich tradition.
Simret Singh has gone deep into the psychological and philosophical convictions that deal with the signs and symbols in paintings. Readers interested in Art history and meaning of Art will certainly nod their heads and agree with the author while reading the examples explaining her point of view.
Hoping to enrich the pages of Art Observer with colour and content in future as well. Till then, look after yourself.
Goldy Malhotra