Volume 1 Issue 5

There is a very thin line between the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts. In fact these arts complement each other and are well integrated. This issue presents an exceptionally talented, classical dancer, the creator of Sufi Kathak, Manjari Chaturvedi. ‘In the Conversation’, this artist shares how her struggle to achieve her goal made her realise that ‘it is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end’. Readers will enjoy to read about the synthesis of grace, calm and sensuality.
Mother nature’s palette is a rich source of inspiration for any artist. When a colour dominates in the imagination of a creator, it’s bound to reappear on the canvas and envelope the viewer. An article ‘Plants on Canvases’ by Pooja Gupta is all about the nature’s beauty mingling with the colours.
What lies in a title is an in-depth study of thematic content of any piece of art by Simret Singh.
’Rang Matir Pachali’ is another article that takes us on a trip to an unusual exhibition during these days of lockdown.
Shanker Art Foundation’s deep concern for the creativity among children has encouraged a huge participation of young ones in working on collages for a competition. Alka Chadha Harpalani has studied these Collage entries and shared her comments.
In our previous issue, we had covered the exhibition of 200 masks painted by artists from different parts of India. The thematic and stylistic analysis of some of these masks has made it possible to reveal what lies beneath the mask. It’s a study of artist’s thought process and the technique.
It all starts with a state of mind and during these days filled with anxiety and boredom, we are compelled to go back to our childhood and share the experience of past with children by engaging in some indoor games like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. On the same lines, Prof. D. S. Kapoor’s creation of highly educative game is shared with you to have fun and spread the message of awareness.
Enjoy reading the issue loaded with Arts and information on Artists.
Goldy Malhotra