Volume 1 Issue 3

The opening article of this issue is a tribute to Satish Gujral, a legend whose life was not a normal journey but he set milestones of destination at every bend of road. There can never be another artist like him, an institution in himself.
The ‘Real’ in painting – an essay deals with thematic and stylistic presentations following norms of art principles understanding artists’s imaginative consciousness.
‘Ghare Baire’ an exceptional Art Museum in Kolkata is a real treat to be shared with the readers and so is the Sweden’s TellusArt Residency at a village in Uttarakhand.
‘WOW (white on white) show’ forcefully displays mono colour challenges expressing less is more. In Suryastnata Mohanty’s words there is the possibility of seeing all colours in white. It takes us closer to Physics dealing with light.
In these trying times, Corona warriors are doing their best to make the country Corona free. The lockdown period has not been easy for anyone, but artists sometimes give their best under stress. Here, we share some of the works of artists from different cities who are working in the grip of Corona and talk about their creativity and experiences. Another article on Child Art also mentions the art activity as a great stress buster for children during this period of social distancing.
Creativity can never be locked, art is flowing from all directions. Paintings, collages, sculptures and articles on art are being shared like never before. Planning for post lockdown is also in full swing as many galleries have already prepared their calendars, waiting for the world to start normal life. It’s another matter that the ‘normal’ will never be the normal life. We shall carry the heavy load of unprecedented phase on our shoulders for lifetime. This will definitely show in the works of artists to become part of Art History.
Hope to share our next issue in better times.

Goldy Malhotra