Volume 1 Issue 2

Art Observer is dedicated to the wide spectrum of visual and performing arts. Efforts have been to share and showcase aesthetically appealing creations to all the ‘rasiks’. This journal is also a platform for the aspiring and talented artists to reveal their works and express their views.
This issue has covered some prestigious, innovative and inspiring exhibitions that have made a mark. The National Kala Mela 2020 held at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, exhibition of renowned artists at Sanchit Art, New Delhi, An unusual exhibition of thread work – ‘Bakhiya’ that has symbolised the Sufi meditative activity compels us to look within and start embracing imperfection in day to day life. A very laborious task of organising exhibition of painted masks by Speaking Art Foundation familiarises us with the diversity in theme-Shakti. This exhibition of 200 masks was held at Lokayata, New Delhi. Breathtakingly beautiful and candid works of Idris are revealing the dedication of a photographer trying to freeze the images in time. Mahmood Ahmad’s transformation from vibrant landscapes in acrylic to drawings of female form in black and white is stunning indeed.
One always likes to read about the great masters and learn from their experiences on their path of achievements. When it comes from a son the old memories become pure reverence. It definitely takes us closer to the artist to understand his paintings better particularly when they are on mystical themes.
Shabir Hussain talks about his father the legend- G R Santosh ‘in the conversation’. On similar lines, D S Kapoor’s article on Sardari Lal Parasher a renowned artist is full of nostalgia.
We stand committed to share views on child art and this issue throws light on ‘Decoding the Child Art’ that can help many teachers to understand a child’s mind better.
One cannot miss the coverage on an iconic art object, the Gujral Foundation’s presentation, a unique step in the field of art-The Song of Earth and Sky. It may be a travelogue or understanding of abstraction in art, these articles are here to enjoy and ponder upon awhile.
Feel free to contact us with your feedback and insights.
Happy reading.

Goldy Malhotra