The ninth oldest museum in the world and the largest in India, Indian Museum is a blend of artistic outlooks, it has the finest collection of contemporary paintings, Egyptian mummies and sculptures. The Indian Museum also portrays some of the eminent pieces of jewelries, a wonderful collection of antiques and some valuable paintings from the ancient times. Captures with an opulence of visitor, it definitely tells a ton of stories etched on ancient histories by unrelenting time.
This gallery shows few architectural sculptures from the Eastern India. Named as Torona, adapted from Bharhut in Madhyapradesh, Bharhut Gallery is a portrayal of a series of stories from the life of Lord Buddha. With contemporary artistic sculpture of railings from the past is wonderfully restored here, and they also possess some of the eminent historical importance from Sunga period.
The decorative arts section of the museum is a collection of aesthetic creations of artists. Monastery temple art and few showcase arts are a huge part of this gallery. The fabricated artistic makings like miniatures based on Indian and Japanese art are crucial part, their glorious beauty of art is pleasant to eye.
This gallery showcases eminent sculptures that belongs from the era of Buddha. This gallery also displays the wonderful and valuable “Boddhisattva”. The Ganshara gallery mainly glorifies the beauty of sculptures from ancient era and it cherishes the oldest collection from the work of art.
The painting gallery is a blend of two sections, consisting of Indian art and contemporary art from Bengal. The gallery stores some masterpieces from the era of Rabindranath Tagore, Abanindranath Tagore , Nandalal Bose and Jamini Roy. The other section of the Indian art portrays miniature paintings from the historical era of Mughals, Rajasthani and Persian artistry.
Galleries, each with own specifications and histories will truly sharpen your historical importance. Walking through all the galleries of Indian Museum, witnessing the history attached to the place, prehistoric classic through ancient civilizations are purely a pleasure to eye.

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