Visual Artist Nandita Richie, Alumni of Delhi College of Art, India, is an established visual artist and a Designer for the last 25 years. She has now launched her signature line of silk scarves, sarees, pocket squares and silk ties, which are digital prints of her art on canvas, introducing something new to both Fashion and creative market.
As a visual artist, some of the influences for Nandita Richie have been the impressionist, post-impressionist and expressionist art styles that can be easily identified in her works, though she also focuses on modern and contemporary art. Richie works with the ‘wet on wet’ technique and paints her canvas inspired by nature – with the velvety petals of flowers or the depth of water. “Many of her recent works comprise of a series of florals and waterscapes on canvas that are all inspired by her grandfather’s garden where she would spend a lot of time as a child.
Richie, explains why the lotus flower is a central theme in her paintings, besides floral and landscape works. “Lotus in many religions like Buddhism symbolises strength and overcoming one’s weaknesses, struggles and shines through despite emerging in muddy water. In Hindu religion, lotus symbolizes rebirth, purity, self-regeneration, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. She says that she feels connected and gets continuously inspired by it and thus it is her favourite muse. Working with impasto technique and palette knives on canvas while painting waterscapes and abstract nature gives her the artistic freedom to play with colours and forms the basis of a new story in each painting,” she says.
Launch of “Khwabeeda” wearable Art collection
At the age of 14, Richie painted a few sarees for her mother with fabric dye paints to try new ways of expressing her art form. Today, she has diversified her art into ‘wearables’ and owns her signature line of ties, scarves and pocket squares and sarees. At the opening reception of her solo art show” Khwabeeda” at ‘Open Palm Court’ Gallery at India habitat centre in July 2019 her wearable art collection was launched with great pomp and show that included a dance performance by her daughter.
Later last year, Richie’s solo show travelled to a gallery in Gurugram. Her work was also showcased at Audi South Delhi ‘s anniversary gala in December in the form of a fashion show. Spurred by the success of these shows, Richie now want to bring a new line of designer “Hand Painted Fashion Wear.”

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