Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. …….. Picasso
Everyone can make art—even those without innate talent or professional training. Just as kids can quickly pick up stories or songs, they can easily turn their observations and imaginings into art.
Keeping this in mind Arpita Mitra, a Delhi based Professional Artist created an Online platform Art Mania Worldwide for those who love to paint. It is open to all Age Groups. Anyone who wants to learn painting can join this platform and learn painting sitting at their comfort zone.
Art Mania Worldwide provides certified courses in sketching, watercolours, acrylic and oil mediums, hobby courses for all age groups. As a beginner, students systematically learn to paint in oils, acrylics or watercolours, one step at a time, and see their paintings steadily improve. It also organizes online exhibitions, competitions, workshops for its students which gives them the opportunity to exhibit their talents. Till date it has trained above 200 students worldwide.
Art Mania Worldwide strive to instil creativity among its students. Its vision is to make art accessible to everyone regardless of distance, background or artistic experience. Students experience transformations by participating in its online classes, workshops and exhibitions.
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