Anu Ganju

Anu Ganju is an architect and a self-taught artist. She has traversed a journey of colours with several successful Art Shows in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Gurgaon and Delhi.
Anu’s work is impressionistic with the use of vibrant colours, perspective, diverse subjects and medium.
Widely travelled, Anu had worked in Switzerland and has conceptualised many interior design projects.
Their own home in Gurgaon, designed by Anu, encases an art gallery and has many unique features.
Nature’s stunning beauty and the overwhelming desire to capture and transpose it on to her canvas, draw her to paint…..
The earth ablaze in the colours of the setting sun, the mystic forms in the swirling clouds in the sky, tranquil places of worship with their towering steeples ….are for Anu meditational and inspirational.

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