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Rajpal Kalia, an established artist has been helping fellow artists at his teaching-cum- exhibition centre, where the needy are given art materials as well

“We would not appreciate good days without the bad,” is what Rajpal Kalia has to conclude about his journey in art. Born into a family of traditional potters, in a small Haryana village, his early life provided him with no scope for honing his skills as his father the sole earning member of a large household needed a helping hand in son Rajpal. Undeterred by circumstances the boy Rajpal would sketch and draw when other children played around. Thus, he caught the attention of his Art teacher at school, Mr Ramesh Bhandari, who in turn, introduced Rajpal to Artist Somdatt Sharma of Jind, Haryana to guide him. Fired by the urge to excel, Kalia had packed his baggage and left for Jind to be under the tutelage of Mr Somdatt, his true Guru.
By 1993, Rajpal had enough confidence in his abilities to establish a small studio primarily to instigate among the people of his town an understanding of Art. Meanwhile, conditions at home had taken a turn for the worse as his parents were ill and he was the family’s sole earning member. But luck dawned on his life in the form of his wife, Santosh Devi, when the couple were married on 14 July 1997. Santosh shared his artistic interests and the couple along with the Chaya Arts Academy. With the assistance of a few close friends he also established an NGO for cultivating needy but talented student and even businessmen came forth to join his efforts with financial support.
With his main dream fulfilled, Rajpal Kalia has now taken to spiritual pursuits His art continues to be honoured by University, Academics and Art Promoters who have extended invitations to him to join in art camps. His moment of glory includes being awarded. Rajpal Kalia is thus a man who has discovered the true meaning of art: sharing and caring for society by using one’s own talents to the maximum potential. their sons, opened.

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